Tuesday, 8 April 2014


I'm taking part in the A-Z Blog challenge this year, here's my entry for G.


For G, I'm going down the root of another console, a console that I never owned when they originally came out but have recently bought on Ebay, the Gamecube.

My partner has one that is the usual purple colour, and i have always wanted the impossible of getting one with the Foxhound logo on, but after looking through Ebay and finding one, I had to bid on the Resident Evil 4 Gamecube. I didn't know they existed and 3 failed bids later I managed to win one in it's box with all original cables! Only I didn't have any games to play on it, so it was a good excuse to get spending :) 

There is one thing that Nintendo does have up on the Playstation and Xbox, and that is that the Wii can play Gamecube games, whilst the other two can't play older console generation games, but even with that said, I do still like owning a Gamecube :)

Monday, 7 April 2014


I'm taking part in the A-Z Blog challenge this year, here's my entry for F.


For F, I'm going with my favourite Xbox game series, one of the one things I say Xbox has up on Playstation, Fable.

Where to start, it's an action pack role playing game that seems to take forever to finish! I've mainly played the second and third game, which in comparison to the original, especially the Lost Chapters edition, don't seem to be as long but still just as good. It's about Heroes and saving the world from Evil, sound like most other games? Well this one includes quests and depending on the decisions you make, depends on how evil or good you become and affects the way you look. 

It's also from these games that myself and my partner tend to go around quoting about chicken chasing, little sparrows and gold mulipliers when splitting wood. Ah, only Fablers will know ;)


Saturday, 5 April 2014


I'm taking part in the A-Z Blog challenge this year, here's my entry for E.


For E, I'm off back to the 90's with Ecco the Dolphin. It was originally released for the Sega Mega Drive and is about a Dolphin who gets seperated from his pod during a freak storm and the game is about him trying to find them. To be honest, I never did manage to finish this game, it was one of those games where when I was only little, being a 90's kid and all, I can only vaguely remember the game and I know, from having a quick read of Wikipedia, that I definately didn't see the end.

The one thing that I never liked about the game, and games like this such as some Sonic games, is the levels that you need to find air or you drown, I hate the tension in those levels, they panic me and I would be more likely to hand the controller over to someone else temporarly until it's all over.

Friday, 4 April 2014


I'm taking part in the A-Z Blog challenge this year, here's my entry for D.


For D, I'm going with Dirge of Cerberus. Now before anyone says it's a Final Fantasy game and should be under F, I not only already have something lined up for F, but the side of the PS2 box says Dirge of Cerberus, which is good enough for me!

This is the only Final Fantasy game I like. Why? Because you make Vincent Valentine walk where you want when you want, and attack when you want. I find the other games bug me as you tell your character to go attack something and off they go and they attack it but you're not button bashing like hell trying to get them to kill the thing, just patiently waiting... That and it's Vincent Valentine for heavens sake! And he's just awesome in himself, to the point that I've even cosplayed as him! :D 

Oh yea, Vincent Valentine cosplay!

Thursday, 3 April 2014


I'm taking part in the A-Z Blog challenge this year, here's my C entry;


For C, I'm going with the Commodore 64. Why I hear you ask, because I'm quite chuffed that I own one, still in it's original box. I remember playing with one when I was younger but I got the one I currently own from my Nana as she no longer wanted it. It always reminds me of the beginning of GTA Vice City, and, just to show how strange I really am, I love the clicky clack sounds the keyboard makes... of course then there are the games like the all time frustrating Paperboy! :D

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

A-Z Blog Challenge A + B

I cannot believe that it is my first A - Z Blog challenge and I completely forgot to do A! So here is my A and B. My theme for the month is Gaming.


For A, I've been a bit sneaky, the games start with Odworld however for A I'm going with Abe. Abe is a mudokon who finds out that him and his friends are going to be turned into food where they work, so he goes out to save them. Sounds too simple? Play the games :)


For B, I'm going with the Batman triolgy. Who doesn't like swooping around Gotham City as that
 Black Knight saving all those people from thugs and themselves. In the triology there are;

Batman Arkham Asylum - Released 2009
Batman Arkham City - Released 2011
Batman Origins - Released 2013

I was quite lucky when i bought my guide for Origins, I saw in a shop that the hard back copy was going for £10, so ever before I bought the game I wanted the guide, to then find someone had mispriced it an it should have been £20, the £10 copies were only the paperback ones :)

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

A - Z Challenge

I've decided to join my sister this year and take part in the A - Z Challenge! I just need to think of a theme now 

Head over to the blog now to see the rules :)