Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Cosplay plans

My soon to be cosplay plans might be able to come to light soon. Only thing is that I am planning cosplays for events that I don't even know if I am going to yet. I also need to make a dress form as it'll make life so much easier to make my cosplays.

I am planning and currently making one for Sally Jupiter/ Silk Spectre I from the film Watchmen.

 I loved this costume when I saw it on the Watchmen film. I've read the comic but fancied doing the film version to the costume than the comic version, it's also more recognisable in some ways as people are more likely to watch teh film than erad the comic. I have started this cosplay, mind you I'm not very far into it but I have actually started it.

Charizard cosplay after Sally Jupiter cosplay is a very different thing. One quite a sexy costume whilst the other a big orange dragon is a bit more fun. Thought I'd go a bit simple with this and make a body suit with a hood on it as I've never made a full body suit cosplay before. Why Charizard? Because although people can sit there and say aww he's cute blah blah blah I would choose Charizard over cuteness any day... unless it's Pikachu =)

Last one I have planned, definately planned as I have no clue when I am going to do this at all, it Sheva from Resident Evil 5 in her Fairy Tale costume. For those that don't know this costume it's a little red riding hood outfit that looks like it consists of a short skirt and petticoat/underskirt, a corset, a cloak with hood, fish nets and boots with other little add ons here and there.
Yes, it is a little advance in comparison to Sally Jupiter with simple black corset that I have bought with yellow material over the top (it will look better than I made it sound lol)

I just hope I can get round to making all these one day and that they don't look like a load of crap when I do. Will have to put time and effort into them so deffo will need a dress form, then might consider selling them on afterwards.

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