Sunday, 1 April 2012

Expo Lag

Not updated in ages but that's because I have a job now where I work stupid hours. Nuff said.

I went to my first ever expo! The Birmingham MCM on 31st March. It was brilliant though I have ended up with Expo lag. With all the buzz from an Expo I got home and now feel like rubbish and very knackered. Not only that but my feet are killing me now, but all in all a brilliant day out with my sister!

I think the best thing I came out with was Metal Gear Solid for the PS1. This is my favourite game series or a long time and it's one of those games that always seems perfect for a sunday. I don't know whether it's because when i was younger sunday was one of the only days I got the opportunity to play it what with school and stuff, but for me it's a sunday game, just like Spyro =)

Now, my brother has this game too and it's one of these ones that has been played so much that when the dude at the stand asked me if I wanted to buy the unofficial guide to it I said no, because I've played it that many times I know it just like that. I wish I had though, as then my other half could use it rather than asking me what to do, where's this, where do I need to go from here, but then again he mainly does that at the moment for the 4th game... I need that guide!

Most copies of Metal Gear Solid new are like £60+ in price now because its like a vintage classic game and to get one new is like gold dust now. Only I'm te lucky one as I stood there, opened the box to find the box wasn't broken, the book inside was bent or damaged and the discs... well they had a thumb print here and there but apart from that are practically perfect, I am a very happy bunny! 1 up for the gamer! =D

Along with that, I also bought a batman hoodie, originally was going to get it for my partner, only he turned it down saying I didn't need to buy him anything and that if i bought it him it was only so that I could borrow it... he saw though my plan!

I also got my dad some Dad's Army socks, as you do, and me and my sister bought my mum an autograph of Ghost Hunters of Jason and Grant. We predicted her reaction and were spot on for it, we know our mum very very well =D

Although we didn't get any autographs from people we met, we did also see the actors who played Oliver and Fagin in Oliver! The musical version, as at one point my sister went and pointed out Oliver walking ahead of us and I had to grab her bag to stop her walking into Ron Moody, Fagin. Bless. We also saw Anita Harris, the nurse from Carry On Doctor and Colin Baker, the 6th Doctor in Doctor Who, and for those Anime fans, Arron Dismuke and Vic =)

I actually managed to get my sister to buy something too! My sister has the tendancy to go round places like this and not buy a thing but she came home with a Danger Mouse bag and 3 iron on patches. Good grief Penfold!

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