Tuesday, 10 April 2012

New Addition

Meet Maisy, the new addition to my family or as my sister said my petting zoo. 

All I did was go into Pets at Home to get some bugs for my bearded dragon and we looked at the pets at the back and I saw these cute little white rabbits with black ears and black spots, basically I said to my partner I wanted a dalmation or cow print rabbit but then I turned round and saw the ones up for adoption and there she was.

Nobody wanted her so they transfered her over to my local Pets at Home. But how the hell could no one want her! She's gorgeous!

She did cost me a large chunk of my savings though. I have a feeling that if my partner hadn't enquired about the hutches outside or asked our lift about if the car had enough space for us 2, a rabbit, our shopping and a hutch with a run I might not have gone for it. I then also checked my bank account and ummed and ahhed more... then I went in and asked how much it was to adpot and here we are, I've ruined my 21st birthday present from my partner but hey ho, I got a bunneh! =D

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