Sunday, 29 July 2012

Metal Gear Solid Vs. Resident Evil

I'm slowly but surely think I am moving over on my favourite games list. Metal Gear Solid has been and still is my favourite games series but Resident Evil is close at the top too.

For Metal Gear Solid, I own all 4 main games and Peace Walker for the PSP and trying to collect the rest. Now that I have rediscovered that the wii has Gamecube controller ports on it I am wanting to get Twin Snakes as well to add to the collection. I know Metal Gear Solid holds a dear placce in my heart and always will. My brother owned the games but even when we got Playstation Demo discs we still insisted on playing the Metal Gear Solid demo. Also, I was so happy and amazed when I went to the Birmingham MCM and found a copy of Metal Gear Solid with the disc, box and book perfect as I not only had the game, I had it as a collectors item (and I felt my heart sink the other day when I dropped the box. Everything was fine apart from the side where a piece of the plastic fell out... damn my partner and his 360 games, damn them!).

Even with all that said, I have recently gone Resident Evil mad. The first one I ever played was Resident Evil 4, which might explain why Ada and Leon are my favourite characters, closely followed by Jill and Chris. I also played Resident Evil 5 and that was about it, I had seen things to do with the other games but that was about it really. Then my brother bought the first 3 for the Playstation and I think that was the beginning of it all. The first games I just couldn't get on with and ended up failing everytime at the beginning as I couldn't find ink ribbons to save. The second game I finished a Leon and loved, but never got round to the Claire bit and I only got half way through the third one.

That wasn't too bad, then I moved in with my partner and we bought a Wii so I thought why not get The Umbrella Chronicals... then I got The Darkside Chronicals... and then because it being Leon I fancied playing number 4 and bought the special edtion steel book version of it on PS2 as well as Code Veronica X.  I also bought the first game on the PS1 so I at least had it, and was jammy enough to get an almost perfect disc and box again.

Then today, I bought the remake of the first Resident Evil for the gamecube and so I had them for my collection, and my partner doesn't have to use me as his guide, I bought the guides for RE5, RE6 (which I have pre-ordered the game for and cannot wait!) and ORC.

S.T.A.R.S and Umbrella Messenger Bags
I also have plans to get the films and the books and anything else I see. The main thing I really want is the S.T.A.R.S messenger bag. That bag is ridiculously rare now. I went into Gamestation a few years ago and saw it, loved it but didn't want to pay £15 for a bag with only 1 pocket, and when you're still at school, jobless and living off weekley pocket money, £15 is an awful lot. Now, I really wish I had, I had the bag in my grasp and now I don't know if I will ever get one. I just want one so much, plus it would look goo to put my things in if I ever did a cosplay as a member of S.T.A.R.S.
And here is jealousy, I wish this was my collection!

Fingers crossed one day my collection will look like the one above. It will take a lot of researching and money but it'll be worth it in the end... Yes, I think I may have a new favourite game series =)

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