Monday, 1 October 2012


It's October at last! Which means Halloween will quickly be here, my favourite time of the year, and to get into the spirit of things I think I am going to start to bake again.

I've finally found a biscuit recipe to try that I might actually be successful in making. I'm terrible at making biscuits, always too dry and floury when I make them so fingers crossed these will be awesome. I've got a lot of difference cutters from my grandparents and can't wait to use them at last. I'm not a very big  gingerbread fan so I've been looking for a biscuit recipe for a long time where I can use cutters.

The first ones I am going to make are cutters my sister bought me for my birthday, Ninjabread Men cutters, they are amazing! I just need some writng icing to decorating them and I'm ready to go =D

Ah, I love October.

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