Saturday, 19 January 2013

New Year

I've decided as a slightly delayed new years resolution that I'm going to try and block for sure at least once a week. I originally wasn't going to make one but I thought I keep trying to get on with blogging and I always get into it then forget again so I'm going to schedule at least 1 a week, even if it is just a random quote of the week, a random of the week, a randm thought of the week or something random to fit into the theme.

The other new years resolution I have is to not buy any recipe books unless I get rid of some. I keep buying them, looking through them once or twice then not making anything out of them. I think for my ther blog I am starting, The Albino Black Sheep, I might make one thing a month out of my cook books and post what I think about them. 

As for some of the books, I think it may be time that I start putting things on Ebay, 3 strikes and if they don't sell my local charity shop will be very grateful.

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