Friday, 1 February 2013

My sister's superpower!

My sister has an amazing superpower! I have a love of Iron Fist and I was bidding on a lovely pair of shoes but it ended whilst I was watching the hobbit last sunday and I was out bid in the last second, literally the very last second, whoever came up with the app that lets people automatically bid last second evidently doesn't buy anything off Ebay because I was fuming!

See said shoes!
Anyways, they hadn't put the name of the shoes down on the item so I had no clue what they were called to look them up and I had searched google with loads of different combinations to find nothing, so last night at half 9 in the evening I emailed he picture to my sister with a mission to find them for me.

By half 9 this morning, so 12 hours but she would have slept in that time and gone to work etc, she messaged me with the name of the shoes.

Day of the Dead.

I wish I had this power! Because whenever I need to find something and can't, she's the one to go to. =)


  1. Replies
    1. I love them, but they are virually impossible to find instock and at a good price, but alas, at least I ave the name of them =)