Saturday, 16 February 2013

Valentines Day and Etsy

A few days late but Happy Valentines Day!

My Valentines day consisted of me cooking a meal for me and my partner. When people at work asked me what I did they seemed shocked that I cooked, I don't know why I love to cook.

I cooked chicken and roast root vegetables for myself but for my partner I cooked 7 inch steak about an inch thick. Lovely.

Cooked and ready to nom on
The raw beast of a steak!

Also I've been buying things again but from Etsy this time. I couldn't find any decent bath bombs and I found these on Ebay, 6 for £5 as I find they don't need to be that big to be good.

These are presented in a box with a ribbon around them, then inside each one is indvidually wrapped and places in the box surround by what looks like paper straw.

These are rose flavour and smell amazing! I also got blueberry ones, they come in a box with a blue ribbon and smell amazing too!

I bought them from

Check it out for some amazing bath time smells =)

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