Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Old school

I decided to go a bit old school with my gaming. Metal Gear Solid 1 is always one I will go back to and play over and over but whilst lending my brother 2 PS3 games I in turn borrowed Medievil. The most simplest game ever now when I sit and play it, I can't believe it used to be that hard!

Heres a brief sum up. Sir Daniel Fortesque is meant to be this wonderful zombiie killing warrior and in a battle against Zarok he is kill by the first arrow fired in is eye. The King tells everyone he was mortally wounded but killed Zarok. 100 years later Zarok unleashes a spell that turns all the people into... mindless zombies I will say and bring the dead back to life including Sir Dan. 

I used to find it such a long game, but now I'm older, the levels are so easy I can just whizz through them, but alas, I shall finish the game then potentially play the second one after =)

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