Sunday, 2 June 2013

Baking Roulette 1st pick

I'm a day late on my first Baking Roulette post, is the an Oman or just bad time keeping, we shall see. Just had my new kitchen cupboards put in and just need new worktops putting in an away I go, but luckily there is still enough room to bake.

So, my mum choice a number, 286, my partner chose a number, 6. This was Home Baking Cookbook but the only problem was at the beginning they give some recipes on simple things, different pasties etc. So I had to get my partner to pick another number for me, 99. 

This was 'Upside Down Pudding'. Basically it has an apricot topping where by I lay the apricots in the pan, then spoon the cake mix on top. I've never made an upside cake before, though saying that does remind of Godfrey from Dad's Army but we wont go into that now, and I have never bakes with apricots before so fingers crossed this turns out good. 

I'll be making this at the weekend so lets hope it turns upside down okay. =)

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