Thursday, 6 June 2013

Steampunk obsession

Due to my new Steampunk obsession I thought I would share some of my findings.

First one up is very me, it's a mold that can be used for fondant for gears. I think they look awesome but only if they come out the molds properly. It they are very detailed they may end up breaking around the edges before I have even managed to get them out. I found them here

There are other ones they had in this Etsy shop but these looked like they would be the easiest to get out a mold.

I was looking at different Steampunk hairstyles and found this lovely hair clip. It's simple yet effective whether the hairsyle be complex and this is to just finish off the look or a simple half do. Shop
It's not as long as you may think, I thought it was massive, which to be fair I would have prefered, but it's only about 6cm long.

This next one I am so tempted by, I think it looks so cool!

How awesome is that? Its so you can turn an old typewriter into a keyboard. I think it's a fantastic idea and would look amazing. I do admit it would be more difficult to store but I'm sure I could find a place for it to sit in my house looking all wonderful and lovely. =)

Now I know all of these things are on Etsy but Etsy is such a wonderful place to find things like this, full wonderous treasures handmade and vintage. I love Etsy =D


  1. I'm pretty sure that I have a hair clip from that same etsy shop.

    But mine has a butterfly in the middle of it :)

  2. Oooh, loving that hair clip, will have to go and have a look!