Friday, 12 July 2013

Adventure Weekend

I have a strong feeling that this weekend will not be as jam packed as last weekend. How much can you fit into one weekend? Enough to want a holiday after it's over.


Off to york for the day, the one thing I have been trying to do since I starteding going out with my partner over 4 years ago as he's never been. We went to the National Railway Museum, it's a tradition that I go there every time I go! At the moment, along with the usuals there, they have The Great Gathering or as I like to call it, The Mallard and Friends. Then people know what I'm talking about. These are the surviving A4 Locomotives.

Here we have Sir Nigel Gresley, Union of South Africa, Dwight D Eisenhower, Bitten, Mallard, and Dominon of Canada.

I wish there were less people and I had one of those panaramic cameras because this was the closest I could get to capture them all together.

 I'll post a youtube video soon of all my photos =)


Imagine Joey from Friends now saying 'Boddingtons!' Now think of his voice and 'Waddington!' Yes, Saturday was Waddington day again. The main features for us are The Red Arrows, Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and The Vulcan. Here's a couple of photos from the day but I will be doing a video as well as I have a lot of videos from the day too.

Red Arrows Love Heart

My partner on a Harley Davidson

Now on Sunday we went to Bridlington, I didn't take many photos but, just to be childish, me and my partner bought a bucket and spade just for a blast from the past. However I admit I did look a bit silly playing in the sand with a pair of latex free gloves on as I couldn't touch the sand due to ecsema but we all ate chips on the beach and did a funny walk to go paddle in the sea. Between us and the sea was a row of tiny pebbles and shells about 3 or 4 foot wide and walking on the was quite painful, and i did it 3 times! Once with my mum, then my sister then to go get my partner from the sea who was skipping stones. Apart from that and some twat tans, we did alright, apart from jeaously and a certain someone kicking over my sand castle.

The Jealous Foot!

Can't see it too well be he was like a beatroot!

My Twat Tan!
Until the next time!


  1. You beat me to posting about our uber weekend by about an hour!

    I only got one photo of Bridlington though...


    1. I think out of all of us, mum got the most, don't know how well the long distance water photos turned out though =)