Thursday, 4 July 2013

Independence Day

AGH! I can't believe I have managed to miss 2 Teaser Tuesdays in a row, which by the way I am still on the same book! But I also ave missed my Baking Roulette for this month, I'm doing well to say it's only my second one. I really need to get my blogging butt into gear so a quick-ish random post it shall be!

Happy 4th of July to all you USA folk out there. Being in the UK there is nothing we do for the 4th of July except in my family we always watch the film Independence Day, not the best thing to watch if you are in the USA I suppose, fingers are crossed that no aliens come and invade but so long as we have Will Smith I am sure we will all be fine, he does work for Men In Black after all ;)

I remember the first time I ever watched it, strange to say me and my sister were on about this earlier, before I was 12 years old and, I'll try not to spoil for those who haven't seen, an alien attacks a scientist and uses him to speak human, my mum covered mine and my brothers eyes so we couldn't see. Ah the innocence back then when people actually cared about the age on the front of a DVD, or even Video, box. Now they might as well draw a cactus on the side as no one pays attention to it anymore.

Anyways, have a nice alien free Independence Day!

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