Wednesday, 11 September 2013

50 Days

I thought I would do a little bit of a Halloween countdown, or rather just post some of the awesome things I have seen.

With a previous post, yes I did go back and buy the 2 Halloween items I wanted, Spiderweb ribbon and the pumpkin tealight holder, although I do admit I came out of there with 2 different tealight holders but they are cool and cute and awesome all the same =)

I've also recently bought a magazine called Baking Heaven and I found an advert for a website with some Halloween stuff on it. I found these cutters that I think look cute, not that I walk anywhere and say I think that coffin's cute but as a cookie cutter and together with the rest, they all look cute.

It would be a fun game of tetris to get those back in the box.

 Only 50 days left now (only 51 until my birthday! Yay =D )

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