Sunday, 1 September 2013

Halloween is on the way

I'm all excited now! Halloween is officially on the way for the UK, The Range has got their Halloween stuff in stock. It's not as amazing as some of te Halloween things I've seen in the USA blogs I read, it seems they've got shops dedicated to Halloween for months before us, which makes me jealous, whilst The Range has 1 aisle.

Some of the stuff is alright, cobwebs with plasti spiders but nothing too special, but I may have to come out with some of the tealight holders, theyre pot and one looks like 3 pumpins stacked up and the other .

And they do have some spiderweb ribbon, I probably wont use it for anything but you never know when these things will be handy... and it looks cool! I would post photos of these if The Range had photos on their website, what a shame, I will have to go out and buy them to show you =)

I have always loved Halloween, I don't know if it's the whole childish-ness of it all, the pumpkins, spiderwebs or what but I have always liked it. To say though, I can't stand scary films, living in the middle of nowhere does that to you, and I don't like horror films, I am the biggest pansy around when it comes to blood and gore, especially eyes! I hate anything to do with eyes, I have to get people to watch films to see if they are eye free first. I also don't like spiders but I love spider patterns, like the web design with the spider on it. Love that, hate spiders.

I will give it a go this year and make something out of the pumpkin that I buy, I tend to scoop it all out and then forget about it, so I think pumpkin bread will have to be made this year, and maybe a pie but we shall see. Fingers crossed my own pumpkins will be readby by then but we shall see, they're only the size of small footballs at the moment but they have 2 months to go! Fingers crossed this year =D

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