Wednesday, 2 October 2013

A bit of a me whine.

I'm going to have a bit of a 'Woe ist me' kind of post. I've have't posted on here for a few weeks not necessarily because I can't think of anything to post about, I o have a couple in mind like my bustle for my Novice Cosplayer blog, but it's a matter of time. I know with saying that I should put some time aside for little me but to be honest I don't have the time to work out when to do it!

I work silly hours, 10 til 7, but I usually finish 8pm time, and I need, or rather NEED sleep, I am a very grumpy person in the morning without 8-9 hours and a coffee, but I do take about an hour to fall asleep and I wake up every morning at 6am because my partner's alarm goes off so the last 3 hours aren't good sleep, especially when he keeps walking back in the room again. Soon my work hours will change to finishing earlier so fingers crossed there will be my opportunity!

Then along with that there is that I am actually Cinderella, trying to drill it into my partner to wash up, wash your clothes and general house work, well I may as well shoot myself (or him) now because it's an impossible task! With that I have the responsibility of a dog, Boomer, as my partner wanted him and as with every new toy he sort of lost interest. "Yes, I will walk him every morning before work and every evening, I will feed him morning and night and let him out throughout the day" turned into me paying for all food, treats, toys, blankets and feeding and walking him. Yes, I am a nutter for putting up with it.

So really, I do need to make time to write posts and things, I really do want to, but writing posts and making Youtube videos just seems to take longer than I remember it doing! I have already made a New Years Resolution. I know I really shouldn't and just get on with it now but I thought New Year will be a good time to start after Christmas and all that jazz has gone (although I will do some Christmas blogs for sure!) I will start doing my Baking Roulette properly. I keep forgetting at the moment then by the time I remember it's the end of the month and I think I can leave it until the next month.

Okay, the whining and complaining can stop now. I promise I will put a real post up soon! =)

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