Sunday, 6 October 2013

Iron Fist

I was having a look through old posts and realised that I have never posted about my Iron Fist shoes. I have said about a pair I really wanted that my sister found the name for, Day of the Dead, but not the ones I actually own.

My first pair was a pair of purple Sugar Hiccup platforms. I loved the pattern and the colour and when me and my sister were having a nosy on their website, these £65 shoes were going for £16.99 in my size! It was destiny! And to be honest they are not as dangerous to walk in as some may think. They only look high because... well they are but because of the platform they don't feel that high when you're wearing them. Fair enough I have had the odd wobble in them but overall not bad at all =)

I have a pair of red Ruff Riders which do look similar to the Sugar Hiccups but they have a zip design down the side and accross the front. They are also peeptoe unlike the Sugar Hiccups. I find with these they are the same size as the others but they seem to be tighter around the toes, not sure if it is due to the peep toe but apart from that tey are the same in feel and wobbliness as the Sugar Hiccups, I even managed to do the ChaCha slide in them!
I do have another pair of Sugar Hiccups but they are black pumps with multicoloured skulls on them. I like the Ruff Rider pumps only these were on offer on Iron Fist and I didn't want to miss the chance of getting £35 shoes for £18... or so I thought. This was the only time I have ever had an issue with Iron Fist. I bought the shoes, I got all excited when they arrived and I opene the box to find a pair of pumps that weren't the same pattern at all, they sides were bent like they had been worn out and there was a piece of metal sticking out the bottom. I contacted them and they said they must have been put in stock rather than customer returns as they were in the right box. I sent them back for them to tell me they ould refund me instead as they were then out of stock.

So i went back to an old friend of mine... Ebay =) £1 more and I got the right shoes I wanted in my size. I wore them virtually all summer, they even got a trip to the Sea Side =) Thy are my first pair of pumps but I have a feeling I'll wear them out soon!
You can get the platforms in this colour pattern and a pair of boots, I'm so tempted but I already have enough shoes at the moment, time for a clearout I think, at least the boots are more practical than the heels =)

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