Friday, 22 November 2013

It's a bit nippy!

It has come to that time of year again, where the suns out but you feel like the need for a coat on top of your 3 jumpers. However, I do still prefer this time of year to others. Winter, I do admit, is very cold at times. Summer varies every year, this year in the UK we had a super hot couple of weeks and as much as I thought, "Look at the sun, lets worship it! (With lots and lots of sun lotion on) it also drove the eczema on my hands mad! That and I prefer the idea that I can put 20 layers on in winter but in the summer you can only take so many layers off, unless you're Robbie Williams.

And as per usual its the change in weather that is the only conversation I have with the post woman, apart from saying thanks for the post. In the UK it speaks of snow in a week or so which means I have a lot of cold weather preparation I need to undertake. I know winter comes every year, and strangely at the same time every year, but I am never prepared enough for it. I live in a stone house, lovely crack up the wall on the stairs and have no central heating, you would think I would have sussed out that it will be cold in winter.

So far I have 2 electric heaters and 3 hot water bottles, but no stock of coal or wood for my fire. Like I said, I'm completely prepared! Not.

On a happier note Christmas is coming and for once I am actually getting presents in, I have my partners, mum's (shared pressie with my sister) and one of my dad. I've also decorated my living room mentally so many times it's unbelievable but my decorations will be going up Sunday 1st December! I did cheat this year, I did watch the Coca Cola advert on Youtube, I missed it last year and people have said they have seen it on 2 channels I don't watch on a Saturday night, so I thought sod it! I will watch it! So now it's Christmas! =)

I love the thought of curling up on the sofa near the roaring fire, hot drink and mince pie in hand. This lovely thought never happens as the fire never produces enough heat, the dogs running around crazy and my partner is shooting things on the Xbox (thought I'm not one to speak, I do shoot a lot of Zombies at the moment).

Until the next thought.

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