Sunday, 3 November 2013

Resident Evil Revelations

Another thing to add to my Resident Evil collection I bought yesterday is a copy of Resident Evil Revelations. I hadn't realised it had been out for so long, especially on the 3DS but that might be because I go from Resident Evil to Metal Gear Solid and bak quite reguarly, they are both my favourite games series after all. I'm currently playing Resident Evil 6, after taking about a year to get through Leon's campaign I've now started Chris's with the help of me other half. It wasn't through the game being difficult but I find it so difficult to get into it. The other games, mainly 4 and 5, I can play over and over again but this one is hard, even with the guide. 

With that, I am now finding it more fun when playing 2 player so I didn't want to spoil the R.E.6 fever in my house with buying Revelations for the PS3 so I opted for the 3DS seeing as I've own the console since February and not played on it yet. That said, I am hinting to my dear partner that it would be nice to have it on the PS3 as well =D

I've only played a little bit of it but so far it does seem quite good, especially for a portable game. For me I hear a game on the PSP or DS and think in comparison to the same games on other platforms it will be a very simple way of playing and not the best graphics but this so far has proved me wrong. If I enjoy it this much on the DS, I can't wait for it on the PS3.

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