Wednesday, 2 April 2014

A-Z Blog Challenge A + B

I cannot believe that it is my first A - Z Blog challenge and I completely forgot to do A! So here is my A and B. My theme for the month is Gaming.


For A, I've been a bit sneaky, the games start with Odworld however for A I'm going with Abe. Abe is a mudokon who finds out that him and his friends are going to be turned into food where they work, so he goes out to save them. Sounds too simple? Play the games :)


For B, I'm going with the Batman triolgy. Who doesn't like swooping around Gotham City as that
 Black Knight saving all those people from thugs and themselves. In the triology there are;

Batman Arkham Asylum - Released 2009
Batman Arkham City - Released 2011
Batman Origins - Released 2013

I was quite lucky when i bought my guide for Origins, I saw in a shop that the hard back copy was going for £10, so ever before I bought the game I wanted the guide, to then find someone had mispriced it an it should have been £20, the £10 copies were only the paperback ones :)

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