Monday, 7 April 2014


I'm taking part in the A-Z Blog challenge this year, here's my entry for F.


For F, I'm going with my favourite Xbox game series, one of the one things I say Xbox has up on Playstation, Fable.

Where to start, it's an action pack role playing game that seems to take forever to finish! I've mainly played the second and third game, which in comparison to the original, especially the Lost Chapters edition, don't seem to be as long but still just as good. It's about Heroes and saving the world from Evil, sound like most other games? Well this one includes quests and depending on the decisions you make, depends on how evil or good you become and affects the way you look. 

It's also from these games that myself and my partner tend to go around quoting about chicken chasing, little sparrows and gold mulipliers when splitting wood. Ah, only Fablers will know ;)


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  1. I absolutely love Fable II it's one of my favorites! Great Blog. Stopping by from the A-Z.